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Superfoods Nutrition – A Comprehensive Guide

Superfoods Nutrition - A Comprehensive Guide
Posted by John Miller

Superfoods Nutrition Guide


We are so fortunate to have access to superfood nutrition. The levels of health and well-being that humans can now achieve through the world’s most nourishing foods are staggering. We have reached a place in our evolution as a species where global trade has distributed the most powerful superfoods from every corner of the planet.

It is important to be mindful, however, that not all humans have the same access to nourishing foods as we do in the U.S. and other parts of the so-called “first world.” I have a deep passion for supporting those who are less fortunate in this way and luckily superfoods can actually benefit those in need!

Here is how: many of the superfoods covered on this site are native to regions of indigenous peoples and support agricultural occupations and prosperity for those people. Also, by supporting and purchasing from conscious companies that sell superfoods grown by indigenous farmers, the land of those people is spared from the ruthless greed of corporate farming and encroaching oil companies.

Perhaps through increased health and mental functioning from superfoods nutrition, we may even decide to share our abundance with countries and people in need, or travel to such places and plant food forests. Such undertakings are already happening across the planet. I have found it quite interesting that many of the superfood enthusiasts that I encounter are putting their hearts and soul into helping those in need.

It is almost as if there is some hitherto unknown force in extremely nourishing foods, such as superfoods, that speaks to our inner source of compassion and awakens a desire to serve and share. This may sound questionable to some, and I will admit a lack of scientific evidence to back up that claim, however, I wish to bring it to the table as food for thought. Anecdotal evidence seems to give credence to this hypothesis.

Now that we have put superfoods nutrition into perspective, I wish to share with you the various nutrients and aspects within this form of eating.

The first section of links below (coming soon) will cover the major vitamins (A-K) and what superfoods are high in each. The second section of links will go through the major minerals that are needed for health such as iron, calcium, magnesium, and which superfoods are abundant in each.

The third section of links will cover other important aspects to consider with superfoods nutrition such as organic, vegan nutrition, raw foods, wild foods, super baby foods, enzymes, antioxidants, juicing, eating with the seasons, eating locally and more.

The last link is to a nutrient and calorie counter so that you can look at what your current diet is supplying for your body. It even includes some superfoods as search options such as goji berries! Slowly but surely this information is trickling into the mainstream.

Green Superfoods Guide

Green Superfoods Guide

Green superfoods are one of the most potent nutritional sources that we can consume. We have all heard many times during our lives that leafy green vegetables (kale, lettuce, spinach, etc.) are good for us, and it is absolutely true!

The nutritional components and health benefits of green foods have been well researched and documented. They are full of vital nutrients such as iron, magnesium, calcium, chlorophyll, and complete protein. Another major benefit of greens and super green foods is that they are extremely alkaline.

There is a growing body of evidence verifying that enhancing the overall alkalinity of our bodies can prevent various health-related issues. Two of the main reasons for this are that bacteria, mold, and fungus cannot thrive in an alkaline environment and that our immune system functions better in a state of overall alkalinity. The foods we consume have a direct relationship with the acid/alkaline levels in the blood, tissues, and other regions of the body.

The mainstream modern U.S. diet, known as the Standard American Diet or S.A.D. is notorious for creating a situation where the body is put under stress from large amounts of highly acidic foods. Acidic foods are not necessarily bad in themselves but must be balanced by also eating plenty of alkaline foods. We can easily create this balance by eating more greens. In fact, I highly recommend eating a small salad often with meals, to create healthy pH levels.

So let’s be honest, how often do you eat a salad? Once a day, once every few days, once a week, or maybe even less. While salads are definitely important, there are also foods available today that have all the benefits of green leafy vegetables, in highly concentrated doses, that are easy to consume. These are known as green superfoods, and they are going to radically improve our health and well-being.

These super green foods come as powders that can be mixed in water or juice and then drank. In 30 seconds you could consume nearly all the benefits of a large salad. Others can be easily integrated into other meals such as soup, smoothies, or even added on top of a salad to make a super salad!

The green superfoods covered on this site are spirulina, chlorella, blue-green algae, wheatgrass, alfalfa sprouts, kelp, as well as powdered green superfoods like Vitamineral Green, Revitaphi, and Synergy. Please explore the links below (coming soon) for more details on these amazingly healing foods.

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