Electric Ranges – Major Consideration in Kitchen Remodeling

Electric Ranges & Electric Stoves
Posted by John Miller

How To Buy An Electric Range


When remodeling your kitchen or even building a new home, one of the major considerations that need to be assessed properly is the electric range. This is because all meals will be prepared on the stove and it is important to make certain that the stove will hold the correct temperature, be large enough to prepare meals for your family. If you will be entertaining, it is important to consider if the stove will be efficient for that as well. Since stoves can be expensive, you want to make sure that you are getting a quality product that will not only last several years but also meet the needs of your family.

Slide In Versus Freestanding

There are two basic options when it comes to stoves, the slide in electric range and the freestanding electric range. Which stove you choose will depend on the kitchen design also. Slide-in ranges offer a more versatile design, allowing the range to be placed in open countertop space, such as a bar, where the freestanding ranges are usually placed against the wall. Either of the two options for electric kitchen ranges, comes in various sizes and colors and from a plethora of manufacturers.

Design Considerations

When considering what style range to purchase, part of the decision should be based on design and the other on maintenance. Many people choose a stainless steel electric range for not only the look but also the durability. Stainless steel stoves come in a variety of sizes and prices vary greatly between manufacturers. There are more options in the stainless steel category for commercial grade equipment, however, which may be desired if you have a large family or entertain often.

Warranties & Maintenance

Warranty details and maintenance availability should be another consideration when purchasing your stove. It is important to know that, since a stove in a larger home investment, should something malfunction, that a warranty is available. Not only is a stove important for your family but can also impact the resale value of your home. Stoves, such as the Frigidaire electric range, have both quality and reputation behind the name.

An Important Part of Your Kitchen – Electric Stoves

electric coil stoves

Electric stoves are a vital part of every household. An electric stove range will need a certain level of maintenance, without this the stove can be unreliable. Choosing the right stove and keeping it in working order can be simple.

Electric Stove Types

Electric stovetops are available in many brands and styles. The Dimplex electric stoves are a more popular brand, and found in many new home construction projects. However, there are dozens of electric stove oven brands to choose from. Compact electric stoves are popular in apartments, loft kitchens, and even outdoor kitchens, and most major brands also offer these. Each brand name will offer different editions and features not found in other brands. To find the best one for you, consider what your families needs are, and then compare the options available

Associated Costs

Just as there are hundreds of stove types, there is also a big difference in price ranges. Compact stoves may not always be cheaper than standard stoves. Price tends to be the biggest motivating factor when it comes to choosing a new stove. You should consider the features available, and how much money those features can save. An energy-efficient stove may cost more upfront but can help you enjoy lowered monthly bills on utility costs. For those who enjoy spending time in their kitchens, or entertain frequently, a stove with more luxury features and an artistic flair may be worth the extra money.

Repairs and Maintenance

Due to the importance of your stove, it is important to maintain it and keep it repaired. Some companies do there own electric stove repairs under a warranty on their products. However, if your warranty expires do not worry there are companies out there that will send a repair person to you to fix your oven, for a fee of course. If you do not have the money to hire a repairman, there are also online guides to fixing your oven. Keep in mind it is not the best of ideas to attempt to repair anything without a good idea of what you are doing.

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