Cooking with Different Stove Ranges

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The Different Stove Ranges

Stove Range

The Different Ranges

Stove ranges come in a wide spectrum of types and each with a different way of cooking or venting out the heat. Gas stove ranges use natural gas to start a flame directly under the burner, while an electric stove range heats up a metal coil using high voltage to cook food. Stove range ovens include an oven under the range, and stove hood ranges include a ventilation hood above the range to displace heat and any smoke that may build up from cooking. These different types of ranges each cook at different rates, so when changing from one range to another it is important to keep an eye on the food you’re cooking.

Range Sizes

Stovetop ranges also vary in size, most common are 30” ranges but can be as big as 40” for commercial use. Industrial ranges are much larger due to the fact they are required to cook a large amount of food in very short amounts of time. Commercial kitchen stove ranges are commonly found inside the home or small kitchens, industrials are commonly found inside fast food places, even fine diners, and restaurants. However industrial ranges can be purchased for use in-home, but they carry a large price tag and it may not be the best investment unless you have an extremely large family.

Buying the Right Range

When shopping around for stove ranges it is important to consider which kind of range will work for you. It is advised to look into the different stove ranges and to do some research into them. Not everyone will like cooking on a gas stove range or find that a stove hood range may not fit into their kitchens. Also, there are different brand names out there for ranges, and each carries different features with them. Stove range brand names are not only commercial but apply to industrial ranges as well. So when picking out a range look into what is needed for your and one that you feel safe cooking with.

The Stove Top Key to Good Eats

Stove Ranges

Everyone has a stove top in their home, whether it is a gas stovetop, or a stove top grill. When cooking in the home, the stove top you choose plays an important part in your cooking and can say a lot about your kitchen. Consider the top you would love to see sitting in your kitchen.

The Different Tops

We all know what a basic stove top is, where pots and pans are placed to heat and cook food. Gas stove tops cook differently than a stove top grill, a ceramic stove top has a different look and style to it then a metallic stove top. Each of these different types of stove tops, may or may not include a stove top oven, and may be made by different manufacturers such as stovetops. Each type of top from look to performance varies from manufacturer to model type.

Cooking on top of your Dreams

Your stove top parts can be changed around to create a unique look to your kitchen. Some parts help create even heating to your pans, some are merely there for looks. Each stove top has an important place in your home. So you want to cook on a top that fits your style, and your method of cooking. Gas stove tops are seen as a bit dangerous due to the use of gas in the burners, but some people prefer cooking on these tops. With the proper top not only will you have a stylish addition to your home, but also you will be able to dazzle friends and family with your meals.

Repairing your Stove Top

A burner knob has fallen off of your stove top and now it will not go back on, stove top parts are sold by themselves so do not worry about having to buy a new topmost ranges. Most stove top repairs are done by the manufacturer, as they carry a warranty on their products. If your ceramic stove top gets a crack in the covering this can be a simple fix that is maintained under the warranty.

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