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Best Superfoods – A to Z

List of Superfoods - A to Z
Posted by John Miller

The following list of superfoods is a reference guide to the superfoods covered on this site. They are listed in alphabetical order for easy searching.

List of Superfoods - A to Z

Because there currently is no widely accepted scientific definition for a superfood, I have chosen to define a superfood as any food that has been scientifically proven to be exceptionally high in nutrient content compared to most foods and to possess very interesting and profound health generating properties.

The superfoods listed here all meet these qualifications according to my research and experience. As you peruse information about superfoods on the internet, or in books, you may find that others have different lists of superfoods and different definitions of what a superfood is.

Until a scientific standard has been defined, we will have to do for now with the variety of definitions and lists of qualifying superfoods. It is my hope that my research and presentation on these superfoods will convince you that there is something extraordinary to each of the ones mentioned here. It is also my hope that you will experiment with trying some of these foods and seeing for yourself what sort of benefits you experience.

List of Superfoods – A to Z


A: Acai Berry

Agaricus Blazei


Aloe Vera

B: Bee Pollen

Blue Green Algae

C: Cacao



Coconut Oil

Colloidal Gold



D: Dandelion

E: Essential Daily Nutrients

G: Goji Berries

H: Hemp Seeds

Hemp Protein Powder


I: Inca Berry

K: Kelp

L: Lemon Essential Oil

Liquid Zeolite

M: Maca


N: Nettles

Ningxia Red


P: Phytoplankton

Pure Synergy

R: Revitaphi


Ruths Protein Powder

S: Sacha Inchi Oil



V :Vitamineral Earth

Vitamineral Green

W: Wheat Grass

Y: Yacon Syrup

Z: As more enlightening and un-biased scientific research is unveiled, I will add more foods to this list of superfoods.

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